I’ve been working out with a focus on making sure I can work a bow properly when the time comes. Not sure if I’m going to be able to afford going hunting this season, though If I can then I’m hoping to get in shape in time for deer season so I can maybe see if someone’ll teach me. I can watch videos about field stripping a deer all I want, I’ll never get the kind of experience I need to harvest meat properly without having someone there to guide me.

One of the disadvantages of having PTSD is I can’t get a gun. I can go primitive rifle, but getting ammunition and gunpowder in Massachusetts is kind of a bitch and if some cop doesn’t know the law and I get arrested, I’d be a girl stuck in a men’s jail and that’s one of my great fears in life.

So, anyone want to teach a newbie how to hunt? Or have any advice?

So, I’ve recently become a Gamitarian without having access or knowledge about hunting. Gamitarian (pronounced game-it-air-ian), for those of you who don’t live inside my head or know about this tiny but growing movement, is the thought that food is holy, that game that sacrifices itself should be ethically treated and respected. Problem being, again, I don’t hunt yet, so it means that I’m limited to food sources that show where meat comes from that I can guarantee are using ethical methods to kill. It might have been a leap in, I’ll admit, but it’s been ok so far. There are one or two restaurants local to me that do this, and farmers markets as well. What I need is someone who wants to teach me how to hunt.

I can watch videos online, and I have, of some of the mechanical points of hunting - how to field dress, how to prep meat - and I’ve had some very basic training with firearms, but it turns out that firearms training is pretty much out of the question anyway. I’ve got PTSD and I’m not going to be able to apply for a license.

I’m going to start with something you don’t need a license for in Massachusetts - archery. This blog is suddenly going to do a double focus, half on my art, and half on this adventure I’m going on. I hope, if you came along for the art, that you’ll stay to see where this goes.


If you struggle with self-care and see this, stop what you’re doing



  • Have you eaten in the last 4ish hours?
  • Have you had something to drink today?
  • Can you have something, even if just milk or water or cup’o’noodles or toast with something yummy on it, if you haven’t, please? 
  • If you have any injuries, can you please take care of them for me?

Whatever you have or haven’t done today just know you’re super strong and I am so proud of you

Okay you can go back to blogging now~ <3